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Our trip started out by meeting at the
3 Svpa students at Huddle House
Huddle House for a quick bite to eat.

On the way to the U.S. Space and Rocket Center
The boys in the van.
Mr. Chris chauffered the boys...

and Mrs. Tammy chauffered the girls.
The girls in the truck

100 miles later we finally arrived
Habitat 1 at the U.S. Space and Rocket Center
at the Center.

The boys carried the luggage in
Tanner toating the luaggage
even for the girls.

The boys were on the
Brant & Tanner on the 2nd floor
2nd floor...

and the girls were on the
Taylor, Hayley, and Kimberly on the 4th floor
4th floor.

The girls really liked their room,
Hannah, Gabby, and Karen behind the door
and of course they were angels...

we can't say the same for the boys,
Brant carrying Chance
the older boys had a hard time keeping the younger boys under control!

After we were all set up in our room
Everybody eating lunch
it was time for lunch.

After lunch it was time to explore the museum
Taylor, Hayley, & Kimberly infront of the land rover.

We could not get some of the boys
Tanner, Devin, and Brant playing in the capsule.
out of capsule.

Devin was fascinated by the
Devin sitting in a jet pack
Jet Pack that the astronauts would wear.

Manny of us wanted to race to the top
Taylor and Brant racing to the top of the wall.
of the Mars wall...

while others decide to just climb for fun!
Tanner and Devin climbing to the top.

Everybody agreed that going down
Kimberly repelling down from the wall.
was a whole lot easier.

Click here to see pictures of
Chance in the 5DF chair.
everybody in the 5DF chair.

Click here to see pictuers of
Gabby in the MAT.
everybody in the MAT.

After the 5DF Chiar & the MAT...
The girls doing their scavenger hunt.
it was time to apply our new knowledge in a scavenger hunt!

This is the first spider that spun a web in space!
Arabella on her web.
Do you know here name? Arabella!

Where is the ANSWER???
Kimberly reading info on a wall.

Some of the answers were easy,
Taylor and Tanner looking and writing down answeres to the scavenger hunt!
but some were very hard.

The answer is the I.S.S....
Karen looking at the I.S.S. (International Space Station)
The International Space Station

One final answer!
Devin trying to figure out the last answer!

After the scavenger hunt it was bed time!
All of the girls in the beds.
While the girls wanted to talk...

Mrs. Tammy just wanted to sleep!
Mrs. Tammy in the bed.

That next morning (day 2) we learned
Picture of the group in front of the map/video game.
how the astonauts would learn to land their Orbiters

Next we learned about life on the I.S.S.
The group in front of the I.S.S. module

Tanner was chosen to be the example for...
Tanner sitting on the 'space-john'.
the toliet and Mr. Thirsty.

This water came from Mr. Thirsty!
The water in space.
It was recycled, but still nasty sounding!

Hayley had a lot better thing to demostrate to us,
Hayley in the 'space-sleepingbag'.
the sleeping quarters.

Now the fun stuff the G-FORCE!
Half the group on the G-Force.
Some were not scared of the 4-G's that they were about to experience...

but some did not want to do it again.
The rest of the group on the G-Force.

Then we learned just how big the engines,
The group infront of an engine.
and the rest of the parts of the shuttle and rockets really were.

We were fascinated by the size of the shuttle!
Hannah learning about the shuttle!
We learned what each piece was used for.

Now we got a really special treat,
The group inside the training facilities.
we got to tour the training facility that the Center uses for the camps.

Now we enter into the ship.
The group going in.

We all enjoys entering into the orbiter,
Gabby entering the orbiter.
they just kept coming...

and coming...
Devin entering the orbiter.

and coming.
Taylor entering the orbiter.

Once in the orbiter we were able to climb to the
Karen climbing up to the flight deck.
flight deck!

The flight deck wasn't as big as we thought...
Tanner, Taylor, and Brant in the flight deck.

but we were able to sit in the pilot seat ...
Gabby in the pilot seat.

and in the commander's seat.
Karen in the commander's seat.

They fed us & fed us & fed us.
The group in the cafeteria getting lunch.

Time for our final good-byes
Devin in front of Habitat 1.
and then the long drive home!