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The SVIPA Satellite Campus Program is for students who will be educated at home by a parent.  If accepted, the parent becomes the parent-teacher and a volunteer staff member of our school.  If approved, your home becomes an extension campus of our Main Campus, thus the term Satellite Campus Program.

Satellite Campus Students are able to participate in many special school functions with the Boarding School and Main Campus students such as the equestrian program, student congress, speech and debate, education travel, and other special events at additional costs per activity when applicable. However, a Satellite student's daily work is done at home with their parent/teacher. Parent-teachers of SVIPA satellite students are responsible for choosing the curriculum and education plan that best fits their child's needs.  After choosing their curriculum, parent-teachers submit their curriculum or teaching plan on their application in order to have it approved by SVIPA.  Parent-teachers are also responsible for grading, preparing and submitting report cards, keeping school attendance records for their children and other important educational needs. SVIPA staff will guide and assist parent-teachers in these areas as needed.   On a case by case by basis, some satellite students have been able to attend classes at the main campus facilities once or twice a week for an additional fee and complete the assignments at home the other days of the week.

At this time SVIPA only accepts Satellite students that live within a 50 mile radius of the school's office location which is in Dunlap, TN. 

The Satellite Campus program is a ministry of SVIPA to the home education community. Therefore, tuition is only $67.95 per year for the first student per family and $27.95 per year for each additional child per family.  In order to be accepted as a Satellite parent-teacher and Satellite student at SVIPA, please request a Satellite school application and complete it in its entirety.  Submit the application and request a school internview.  The family will need to visit the SVIPA campus and meet with the school directors to be sure that we are the right fit for you and your family.  Approved families will receive the benefits of partnering with SVIPA on this journey to raise the next generation of conservative well educated Christian leaders of tomorrow.  

For additional information about educating your child at home or for a registration packet please fill out and submit the form on our Contact Us Page or contact the school office at 423-554-4677.